NL544-G4 Orange-D Natural Citrus Cleaner Degreaser Case qty 4 Gallons

$355.52 $296.27

90% citrus solvent emulsifying cleaner. Replaces petroleum solvent cleaners. Highly dilutable with water. Removes inks, rubber, adhesive, and embedded grease.

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Orange-D is a 90% citrus solvent emulsion cleaner and degreaser. Attacks, loosens, and dissolves grease, tar, ink, rubber marks, carbon, resins, glues, high temperature lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and carbonized soils. Forms an emulsion when diluted and mixed with water. Use for industrial cleaning, in lift stations, grease traps, and garbage chutes. Excellent for printing operations, removing adhesives from floors, cleaning tar, grease, and asphalt from vehicles and equipment.


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